Reality star says she goes to a cafe 'every morning to do a poo' to avoid going in front of boyfriend

Reality star says she goes to a cafe 'every morning to do a poo' to avoid going in front of boyfriend
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Sharing intimate moments with your significant other is part of the deal when it comes to being in a relationship.

Sure, certain things such as going to the bathroom can be awkward at first but typically, if the relationship is going well you're able to break down those privacy barriers and be comfortable.

For Abbie Chatfield, however, she admitted she still refuses to go to the bathroom in front of her new boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens.

During an appearance on The Hundred with Andy Lee on Tuesday, the Bachelor alum shared that she makes sure she goes to a cafe every morning to use the toilet. "It's better to have an anonymous poo," she explained.

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Chatfield added, "Like, I have a new boyfriend, and I've had to go to the cafe, like, every morning to do a poo."

While this confession made sense to the reality star, others weren't as convinced that it was a good idea. Even the host Andy Lee was baffled, who after her confession was prompted to ask: "What? So you will leave the house?"

Chatfield then explained further on how her process works, saying that she "will vacate" her home when she has to use the restroom and will offer up an excuse to her boyfriend before leaving her home.'

"[I'll say], 'Oh, I need a hook for a painting,'' or 'I'm going to go get coffees for us, you stay home,'' she said of the excuses she has used in the past to get away and make a run to the bathroom.

The two started dating following his appearance on last year's season of The Bachelorette.

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