11 pieces of advice you should never, ever take


Helpful tips are a great way to make your life easier.

Little things to do with finance and health can go a long way to making your daily life a lot more straightforward.

However, if you are looking for a way to improve certain things we recommend that you avoid the subreddit /r/S****yLifeProTips (the clue's kind of in the name isn't it?).

The tips on the forum range from the ridiculous to the surreal but are consistently funny.

Whilst it's unlikely that anyone would actually attempt any of these, as they are mostly very dangerous, here are some of our favourites.

1. Spreading toothpaste on toast to save time in the morning:

2. Applying Johnson's no more tangles hair spray to your tangled headphones:

3. Using a seat beat to open a bottle of beer, while driving (both stupid and illegal!):

4. Paint your toenails black to save money on socks:

5. Avoid false alarms caused by dust by wrapping your smoke detector in plastic. In the event of a fire, the plastic will melt away:

6. Always buy the largest clothing size possible to get more material for your money:

7. Get yourself a serrated chefs knife by simply hitting it against the edge of a table a few times:

8. Using balloons for condoms:

9. Recycle your old batteries by burning them:

10. Use water to magnify your smart phone's screen:

11. Eat your dinner from a toilet seat (you have to admire the creativity for this one):

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