Air stewardess asks daughter to pilot her last flight before retirement and people loved it

Ashrrita/ Twitter

Going to work with one of your parents doesn't sound like much fun but this story might make you think otherwise.

Ashrrita is a pilot for Air India whose mother is an air stewardess for the same airline.

Her mother has served Air India for the last 38 years and on Tuesday she went on her last flight before she retired.

To mark this special day she had just one request, that her daughter be the pilot of the plane on her last shift.

Not only did that happen but after she shared a picture of her mother on Twitter, the heartwarming story went viral.

Ashrrita also shared a video of her mother being applauded on the aircraft at the end of the flight and it is simply lovely.

Reactions to Ashrrita's story soon began to flood into her notifications and they were all full of love and congratulations to her and her mother.

Air India also posted a tweet thanking Ashrrita's mother for all her hard work and we have to say that it was very well earned.

Enjoy your retirement, Asrrita's mum!

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