People are buying 'airpod straps' and capitalism has officially outdone itself

Louis Staples
Tuesday 03 December 2019 16:30
(Cosmopolitan )

Oh capitalism – never change…

…is what we’d say if we’d lost touch with reality. Please change. Change ASAP!

If you’re wondering why we’re kicking up such a fuss, it’s because we were unfortunate enough to discover the latest thing that we’re being sold.

Behold – the airpod carrying strap.

If you’re thinking this is a joke, we can assure you that these are genuine and will set you back $60 (£46).

While the primary draw of Apple AirPods is that they are lightweight and wireless, some people are clearly so anxious about losing them that they’re willing to pay to turn them into… Regular Apple headphones.

A screengrab of Cosmopolitan’s holiday gift guide, which recommends airpod straps from Nordstrom, went viral on Twitter.

Understandably, people were perplexed.

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