Alex Jones thinks 'liberals will start a civil war' on 4 July

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has a bold prediction for America's Independence Day on 4 July.

No, it's not that aliens will come down and attempt to blow up the planet like that film starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum... we forgot its name.

Instead, he seems to firmly believe that liberals and Democrats will converge upon Washington DC and instigate a civil war.

His 'facts' on the subject seem loose at best, as he points to things like the left-wing media and activists stirring tensions. which he feels will eventually break out in a conflict that will attempt to oust Donald Trump from office.

If you want to sit through his 20-minute speech then please, be our guest.

Now, given that Jones's theory isn't even remotely likely to happen, those who associate themselves on the left of US politics are a bit annoyed that they haven't received a memo about this civil war.

Others are volunteering themselves (and Jones) to help actually coordinate things and get this war going.

It sounds like lots of food and drink will be brought along too which is nice. People need to by hydrated and nourished when fighting a civil war.

While the likes of Jones are fun to make jokes out of, it's worth remembering that this type of language and rhetoric can encourage violence and unrest.

HT Daily Dot

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