Alex Jones gives $3,000 to 30-year-old man evicted from his parents' home

Alex Jones gives $3,000 to 30-year-old man evicted from his parents' home

Michael Rotondo hit headlines earlier this week after his parents sued him to get him out of their upstate New York home.

A judge ordered the 30-year-old to leave the house after Mark and Christina Rotondo filed a suit against him for failing to leave their property earlier this year.

Rotondo had lived with his parents rent-free for the last eight years and believed that he was owed six months to find a new abode.

Just days later Rotondo appeared in an interview with the controversial right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In a lengthy discussion with Jones, which was shared on his website InfoWars, the two discussed a range of topics in a talk that went off on many tangents.

Their conversation bizarrely started on the subject of taxes and what taxpayers should pay for, citing sex changes and nose jobs as a problem. Jones said:

There have been millions of sex changes in this country that taxpayers pay for. 

I don't have to pay for you to get a nose job, do I?

Rotondo responded:

I don't think so.

Jones said:

Should I?

To which Rotondo replied:

No, I like my nose the way it is.

The first part of the interview seems to be a pep talk from Jones, trying to give Rotondo a bit of advice which he seemed to take on board.

Then around 15 minutes into the video Jones asks him what Rotondo wants from his life as he has now become involuntarily famous for being the person evicted from his parents' house aged 30.

Rotondo replied:

I want to get out of my house, which you [Jones] made possible.

At that point, Jones subtlely revealed he has given Rotondo $3,000 to help him move out of the house situated in Camillus, Onondaga County. Rotondo added:

It's going to happen.

I'll get my things out of there in the amount of time I have and it will allow me to continue to pursue the things I need to pursue without significant interruption as a result of the mandatory relocation.

And that means a lot to me.

Speaking to the regional website, Rotondo stated that he boarded a 4 am flight to Austin, Texas on Friday and spent three hours in the InfoWars studio before returning home.

He also told the site that he has a "very large check to cash" and is now planning on "getting my hands on cardboard boxes at a really good value" so he can begin the process of moving.

He did not reveal where he was moving to.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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