The notorious far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been filmed harassing a group of teenagers who were helping to enforce coronavirus guidelines in a park in Texas.

A video, shared earlier this week by Jones's website InfoWars shows Jones shouting at the group through a megaphone who were at the entrance of the park, to make sure that people had made reservations.

The park in question, Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, has enforced a rule in July that anyone wishing to visit the park in the next five months has to make a reservation to prevent the spread of coronavirus and control to amount of people congregating in a public place, as reported by Community Impact.

Jones clearly wasn't aware of this rule and showed up to the park but upon being denied entry began to intimidate the teenagers and called the pandemic a hoax.

In the video Jones rants:

I’ve been coming here since I was in high school, college, and now you guys use your Covid hoax to, like, set a checkpoint up so you can take over the parks and start charging. It's unconstitutional, its not even a city ordinance. It is an illegal power grab of the people's Greenbelt and its time to free Austin. This is outrageous criminal activity. This is a seizure of the infrastructure of the city of Austin.

As the video develops Jones reveals that his grudge has seemingly emerged after his wife was denied entry to the park earlier that day before calling for the check point to be removed. At one point a woman shows her middle finger to the person holding the camera filming Jones, who responds by shouting:

Is that your IQ.

Jones's unhinged outburst has been widely ridiculed on social media, with some not sure whether they should laugh or cry.

Given his reputation for spreading unfound theories, it's hardly a surprise that Jones considers Covid-19 to be a hoax. In April, he was seen at an anti-lockdown protest in Texas. The New Yorker also reports that he has promoted several unfounded cures for coronavirus on the InfoWars website.

Although Jones is entitled to believe what he wants there is little denying that the pandemic is still a major problem in the United States, with more than 5 million cases now being confirmed and 166,000 deaths.

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