AOC had the perfect response to a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist's 'dumb blonde' joke

AOC had the perfect response to a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist's 'dumb blonde' joke
John Bailey The Rome News-Tribune via the Associated Press / Zach Gibson / Getty Images

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the perfect response for a conspiracy theorist Republican candidate who tried to insult her intelligence.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is running for election in Georgia's 14th district and was described by Trump as a "rising Republican star", implied that AOC had single-handedly uprooted the "dumb blonde" stereotype, presumably n the basis that she's not blonde, yet Greene perceives her to be "dumb".

But she made a glaring spelling error, which Ocasio-Cortez swiftly pointed out.


Greene is likely to win a seat in Congress as she's running unopposed in a traditionally red seat.

But her nomination has proven deeply controversial: when videos of her making racist and Islamophobic remarks were unearthed by Politico earlier this year, several high profile Republicans including House minority whip Stephen Scalise condemned her remarks as "disgusting" and publicly distanced themselves from her.

Greene has also attracted controversy for publicly supporting QAnon, a conspiracy theorist baselessly claiming that Donald Trump is secretly trying to dismantle an elite cabal of paedophiles.

She described 'Q' as a "patriot worth listening to", repeatedly used QAnon-affiliated hashtags and even uploaded a video in which she concludes that "many of the things he has given clues about on 4chan and other forums have really proven to be true".

('Q' and their supporters have claimed that Hollywood and government elites engage in child sacrifice and that they harvest a life-lengthening chemical from their blood. Unsurprisingly, these claims have not proven to be true.)

Greene has since sought to distance herself from QAnon, telling Fox News that she "chose another path" because of "misinformation".

More recently, Greene claimed that wearing a mask is "unhealthy for psychological, emotional, and educational growth” and that they are emasculating for boys. The tweet in which she espoused these views was removed from Twitter for violating its rules.

Greene has a long history of incendiary statements – and support from top Republicans.

Perhaps she should have reviewed some of her own opinions and baseless beliefs before trying to claim that AOC, the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress, isn't intelligent.

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