Andrew Marr ended his long-running stint on the BBC this weekend with the final ever edition of the Sunday morning politics programme The Andrew Marr Show.

So how would Marr mark the occasion of his final ever show? Well, he was joined by the likes of health secretary Sajid Javid, London mayor Sadiq Kahn and Doctor Who actor David Tennant which would be headline guests on any episode.

However, Marr’s closing words will probably be what the episode will be best remembered for.

“That is it. All over. I have been so lucky and so privileged to share so many Sunday mornings with you,” Marr started his closing speech, before confirming that Sophie Raworth will be stepping in as his replacement. “Now these shows are never just about the person whose name is on the tin, they are also about the fabulous team behind them. So, as the titles roll just take a moment today to look at the names of the people who really make this happen.”

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Marr then begins to ponder how he would close his final show before using a quote that none of us would have expected. “I had been wondering how to close this final show but I can’t do better than quoting my great mentor: ‘You stay classy San Diego.’”

This is of course a reference to the cult classic comedy Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, an ambitious but eccentric local news reporter in 1970s San Diego who ends each of his broadcasts with the “stay classy” line.

It is possible that the rest of the crew didn’t know that Marr was going to make this reference as footage from inside the production room shows that a number of them were in hysterics at the line.

We cannot confirm whether Burgundy was Marr’s mentor but Anchorman was released in 2004, a year before Marr started the Sunday morning show so there is a possibility.

Marr had presented the show since 2005 but will now be joining Global to present a new opinions programme for LBC Radio.

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