James O’Brien compares Conservative government to Eastenders in epic monologue

James O’Brien compares Conservative government to Eastenders in epic monologue

LBC radio host James O’Brien has gone on an epic rant, in which he compared the Conservative government to Eastenders.

The radio host is a frequent critic of Boris Johnson’s government and has previously criticised them over Brexit and the dismissal of predictions for once we left the EU as “Project Fear”.

During his monologue on Tuesday’s radio show, he took aim at the political climate asking: “What the hell has happened to our fantastic country?”.

He compared the Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson fallout to something that would happen on the long-running BBC television soap Eastenders.

“Through a combination of a ridiculous newspaper industry, the over-promotion of half-wits, a political underclass that have careered to the front benches of the Conservative party and the celebration of some of the stupidest people ever to draw breath in parliament, we’ve ended up with these two men [Johnson and Cummings] presiding over our nation, until that point that one of them fell foul of the other one’s current wife [Carrie Johnson].

“I mean, this is beyond Albert Square, isn’t it? The sheer petty, pathetic, triviality of it. So what happened to the one that was in charge? He fell out with the other one’s wife.

“Really? You mean like Phil and Grant when one of them had the affair with Sharon.”

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His rant has been hailed as being “spot on” as many others question why more people aren’t as angry with the state of things.

One person wrote: “I don’t understand how more people aren’t angry. People should be outraged.

“Your fuel bill is about to TRIPLE and gov is moaning about the BBC. The UK is a mess and people are too busy trolling each other rather than raging at the MPs.”

Someone else commented: “Searing and every word is true. A must listen for everyone.”

Another said: “Definitely his best yet. I am appalled by the mess that is being made of our country.”

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