Andrew Tate claims that he's walking 10km a day in his prison cell

Andrew Tate claims that he's walking 10km a day in his prison cell
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Controversial online figure Andrew Tate has claimed that he walks 10km and does 500 squats and 500 press ups every day in prison.

Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are currently being detained in Romania on charges of alleged rape and human trafficking offences, after having their detention extended for the third time earlier this week.

The former kickboxer has been imprisoned since his arrest in December, but it hasn’t stopped him from boasting on Twitter about his “productive” days in jail.

Tate claimed he has “extremely limited freedom of action” but will his time in his cell he said he is able to practice his “tiger paw technique”.

The 36-year-old detainee berated others for “failing” if they are doing less than him with their free will.

He wrote: “I am in a cell. I have extremely limited freedom of action. Every single day, I do 500 squats. 500 push-ups.

“Practice my tiger paw technique. Walk 10km. Write and complete lessons for the students inside The Real World. Read and respond to 100s of letters.”

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He continued: “If my days in this cell are more productive than yours, you should be furious with yourself. It means you are failing.”

While some of his loyal followers were enthralled by his advice, others pointed out that regardless of what he was achieving, he is still in prison while they are not.

One person commented: “The thought of you walking 10km every day in a tiny cell gives me so much joy.”

Another replied: “Can't see it, but I'm playing the worlds smallest violin for ya bro ;) many more hopefully sleepless nights for ya.”

Someone else wrote: “Ha…. But you are in jail! And we’re not. Enjoy being locked up.”

Tate, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian women were all arrested and face accusations of human trafficking and subjecting their victims to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion”.

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