Anne Hathaway dragged herself on Instagram and it was perfect


Do you follow Anne Hathaway on Instagram? Because if you don’t you should change that. Seriously, do it right now.

Hatheway often takes to Instagram to give her take on all things pop culture. She’s an avid fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and even, from time to time, has been known to get shady.

Ahead of this year’s Academy Awards, which went “hostless” for the first time ever, Hathaway took to Instagram to throw some shade at an unlikely target: herself.

Addressing the discourse online which suggested this year’s ceremony wasn’t going to be great, after numerous backtracks, drop outs and mishaps, Hatheway posted a throwback to when she hosted the ceremony with James Franco in 2011.

It’s no secret Hathaway isn’t a huge fan of her own stint of hosting. Last month, she joked about her go at hosting saying Franco gave her nothing to work with. She explained :

God, I just remember the night before we're about to go up there, and me turning to everyone and going, 'Am I too much? This feels really big to me.' And the producer just went, 'No! Don't do less. Do more if you need to.' And I was like, 'Oh okay, I guess it's going great.' And I didn't realise what was happening about that whole thing.

Nevertheless, it’s good Hathaway can laugh at the whole episode and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Twitter certainly agreed, taking a collective giggle at Hatheway’s post.

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