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'Anti-homeless' spikes installed in Manchester city centre, aimed at deterring rough sleepers, have been removed following protests by local people.

The spikes were initially installed outside an office block, where the city’s homeless often slept.

But locals and council leaders were quick to criticise the spikes, and some even visited to cover them with cushions and food.

Local mum Jennie Platt and her sons were amongst those who helped cover them up.

Manchester council’s city centre spokesperson, Pat Kearney, told the Manchester Evening News that he spoke with the owners of the building. He said:

I had a common sense conversation with them on Sunday night.

We all know there are a lot of difficulties in the city centre but he only way we can resolve them is for businesses and the council to work with homeless people and homeless charities. These are very difficult issues but we all need to put our heads together.

Following the protests, MEN reported the the spikes have now been removed.

Good to see compassion for other human beings prevailed.

HT: Manchester Evening News

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