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A mum has said she “gasped in horror” when she realised she had paid £9 for four doughnuts at Asda.

Jayne Brookman was shocked when she paid the sum for the pack of Asda Baker’s Selection White Iced Donuts that is usually priced at £1.

She posted on Facebook : “Nine f****** notes for four b****** donuts at Asda in Ellesmere Port!!!! Fuming is not the word!!!”

“I don’t think so Asda and before anyone says you should’ve contacted the store before putting it on Facebook I’ve been trying for 20 minutes.”

Jayne has since told the Liverpool ECHO how she only popped in for a “few bits” but had come out with a bigger bill than expected.

She said: “I just didn’t notice because I buy them all the time for the kids and they are usually £1 and I have just paid on my card.

“I was so shocked when I saw the price, it really stressed me out dealing with it.”

She said the store put it down to a printing error on the sticker, but she added: “I fear others may have paid that and not noticed - not everyone will have a spare £8 in their bank to pay that.”

After posting on Facebook many people advised Jayne to take the receipt back for a full refund, which she has done, and others said it was worth flagging in case it had happened to other customers.

One said: “Defo complain Mrs its probably happened to a few customers too.”

Another said: “I donut believe it!”

And a third joked: “This new sugar tax is taking the piss now”.

Speaking to the Mirror, an Asda spokesperson said: ’We are very sorry for the printing error which led to Jayne paying more than she should have for these donuts, but we are pleased that she has received her refund within 24 hours and apologise again for any inconvenience this may have caused.

“On the rare occasion that a customer has a problem with a product they should bring their receipt to one of our colleagues in store so that we can process their refund straight away.’’

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