Woman claims Asda worker told her ‘she’s basically naked’ as she’s shamed over clothing

Woman claims Asda worker told her ‘she’s basically naked’ as she’s shamed over clothing

A woman has taken to Twitter to share how she was allegedly shamed by an Asda worker for her clothing.

The shopper, Jaiah, posted a video of an encounter she had with a member of staff at the chain’s Isle of Dogs store in London on Monday night.

The 22-year-old posted the video on Twitter along with a message claiming the employee told her she "wasn’t wearing enough clothes", "wasn’t respecting herself", "that [she’s] basically naked" and that she "shouldn’t be in there".

She added: “Honestly the most disgusting behaviour.”

Asda is now investigating the incident.

In the video the staff member is seen on the phone as they stood together in the middle of the aisle.

He is heard saying: “We can see your body almost.”

They exchange words before the woman shows the camera that she is wearing a regular outfit made up of a top, hoodie, and sweatpants.

Addressing the staff member in the video, she said: “I don’t respect myself is what you said”.

The employee argued that it wasn’t due to “respect” and instead said it is a “policy in Asda”.

He then asked another employee where the manager was before going off to find them.

Asda responded to the video on Twitter saying: “This is not a recognised policy at Asda and we are really sorry for the service you received. I’ve spoken to the store manager who is addressing this incident and I would be happy to discuss how we can put it right for you?”

Asda also asked her for further detail on the incident so they can investigate further.

In a statement to indy100, an Asda spokesperson said: “‘As soon as we were made aware of this incident we launched an investigation within the store. We have been in contact with Jaiah to explain that this is not our policy and to apologise for the negative experience they had on this occasion.’’

Indy100 has contacted Jaiah.

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