First Astroworld lawsuit seeks damages from Travis Scott and LiveNation

First Astroworld lawsuit seeks damages from Travis Scott and LiveNation

The first lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a victim who was trampled at Astroworld Festival.

Houston resident Manuel Souza is seeking $1 million in damages from Travis Scott, Cactus Jack Records, festival organizers coreMore Shows, Live Nation, ASM Global, and Trey Hicks Public Relations.

Steve Kherkher, a Houston-based attorney who is representing Souza, called the tragedy “predictable and preventable.”

“Tragically, due to Defendants’ motivation for profit at the expense of concertgoers’ health and safety, and due to their encouragement of violence, at least 8 people lost their lives and scores of others were injured at what was supposed to be a night of fun,” Kherkher said.

The lawsuit argues that concertgoers were put in harm’s way when Scott encouraged attendees to breach a security gate:

“This was against a backdrop of multiple reports of tramplings, patrons losing consciousness, patrons being unable to breathe due to profound lack of crowd control, inadequate water, inadequate security, and a lack of exit routes. So many people were hurt, and so few emergency personnel were provided by Defendants, that patrons themselves had to conduct CPR on their fellow concertgoers.”

Court documents also list prior incidents in which Scott was charged for inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor, and encouraging fans to jump the security barrier - which resulted in a security guard being injured.

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Additionally, Souza and his attorneys have filed a temporary restraining order that would prevent Webster, ScoreMore, and affiliates from altering or destroying any evidence related to the tragedy.

Since the events, Scott has released statement as well as an Instagram story stating that he is committed to working with the Houston community to heal and support the families of those affected.

Kylie Jenner also stated in a now-deleted Instagram story that, despite seeing the medical truck move through the crowd, she and Scott were unaware of fatalities or injuries until after the event.

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