The disturbing result of fusing every MP's face together

A recent post on the popular data subreddit, r/dataisbeautiful, created an average face from the top 500 male professional golfers.

The outcome, based on a webscrape of the faces of the top 500 golfers and image processing to create an "average" face, was unsurprisingly a very average looking white guy. Shocker, I know.

We were going to take a run at the average face of an MP in UK Parliament, but, as so often happens with Reddit, someone far more capable with technology beat us to it.

Here's how UK MPs came out, as per u/puntofisso:

Yet again, a very average looking white guy. Are you seeing a pattern here?

One colleague remarked it looked like David Cameron, another Clegg.

Ironically both of these men are no longer MPs.

What do you think? Vote in the poll below:

Reddit also provided the combined faces for the top 102 male tennis players:

And the top 225 NBA players:

Fascinating stuff.

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