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Going on a stag do or hen party, or as they call them in the states; bachelor/bachelorette parties, is a fun but also daunting ordeal.

Sure, there will be lots of mischief and hijinx but making sure that the person whose party is for, actually has fun can be testing.

That being said, this shouldn't stop anyone else letting their hair down and allowing the good times to roll, especially in a city like Las Vegas, where almost anything goes.

That wasn't quite the case for an Imgur user, who had to abide by a strict and restrictive set of rules, that seemed designed to stop anyone on the trip from doing anything at all.

According to the user UsuralMeanVenessa, these were the rules that were sent to every woman on the trip before it had even begun.

Here is a more streamlined version of the rules, just in case you don't have time to read through that entire email.

1. A visit to a church on Sunday to 'cleanse our sins'

2. No ' hard liquor' in the hotel room to avoid any accidents, such as falling off the balcony

3. No sex anywhere in the hotel room on the suite

4. Do not invite random man back to the rooms

5. $50 each must be paid to buy groceries for everyone

6. Absolutely no drugs whatsoever (with one woman specifically told to leave her 'adderall' at home

The list of demands has since gone viral, after being shared on Twitter and people have a lot of thoughts.

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