Barack Obama came back to the White House and roasted Joe Biden

Barack Obama came back to the White House and roasted Joe Biden
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Barack Obama returned to the White House for an epic reunion with Joe Biden - and made sure he got in a good roast of his successor before he left.

On Tuesday, for the first time in five years, Obama made his way back to the White House and as is the case with riding a bike, Obama once again looked like a natural on the podium.

As he started speaking, he referred to Joe Biden as “vice president," which was a sweet nod to where Biden stood next to Obama all those years ago.

“That was a joke,” Obama said, with the current president and current vice president, Kamala Harris, by his side. The former president then gave Biden a hug. “That was all set up. My president, Joe Biden. Vice President Harris,” Obama said.

Obama was at the event tied to the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act.

At the start of his speech, Obama made another quip aimed at the current presidential administration and said, “I heard some changes have been made by the current president since I was last here. Apparently Secret Service agents have to wear aviator glasses now. The Navy mess has been replaced by a Baskin Robbins."

Obama also poked fun at Willow, the cat which the Bidens brought into the White House this year.

"And there’s a cat running around. I guarantee you Bo and Sunny would have been very unhappy about.”

In another part of his speech, Obama encapsulated the moment perfectly, "Most of all, coming back here gives me a chance to say thank you, and spend some time with an extraordinary friend and partner who was by my side for eight years."

And that wasn't the end of his ongoing roast. Rupar pointed out another moment you'll want to watch. "Obama alludes to Biden's infamous 'big f'n deal' hot mic moment."

It seems like things never really change!

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