A group were photographed having a barbecue in a cemetery and people are not happy


This summer has seen no shortage of glorious weather, sending brits out in force to burn their skin and incinerate sausages on barbecues.

The hot weather normally means that everyone goes a bit mad, but there are some basic rules of decency that most people follow.

That is, except for the people who thought it was appropriate to set up a barbecue on a tombstone in a graveyard. Yes, you read that correctly.

One group in West Yorkshire, comprised of three adults and seven children, were discovered sizzling sausages and burgers next to graves, with smoke rising up into the blue summer sky.

Naturally, the man photographed the group and posted on social media to express his discomfort with the group's actions.


He wrote:

Imagine the surprise to find three adults with about seven children enjoying a barbecue.

The cooking was being done on the raised tomb stone.

When he and his wife challenged the group, suggesting that barbecuing in such a place was disrespectful, they were met with a sarcastic response.

My wife remonstrated with the men.

The 'chef' patronisingly said, 'Thank you for you input, I've taken note.'

As he photographed the group, one of the men came and demanded that he delete his pictures. Instead he posted the images on social media and alerted the church.

H/T: LadBible

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