TikTok is obsessed with finding out 'what killed Barney the dinosaur?'

TikTok is obsessed with finding out 'what killed Barney the dinosaur?'
Actor who played Barney the Dinosaur describes death threats in documentary trailer

"What killed Barney the Dinosaur?" seems to be the question TikTokers are obsessed with at the moment.

A recent trend has emerged on TikTok where people film themselves before and after looking up the question "what killed Barney?" on Google.

Before searching the question, the person will appear happy and curious. But after, their face drops into horror.

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A quick search will reveal keywords in an article by The Independent that reads, "In November 1997, Barney the Dinosaur was stabbed to death by the New York City Police Department."

The violent description of a beloved children's icon dying is immediately attention-grabbing but as the story goes on the readers learn that it was an inflatable balloon version of Barney who suffered a dramatic death.

The trend began sometime this week after one TikToker who goes by talialopes_ went viral.


uhhh 😀 #fyp

In 1997 during a particularly windy Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a Barney the Dinosaur balloon was taken by a massive gust of wind and ripped open when it hit a lamp post.

To subdue the ballon and prevent it from hitting people in the crowds, NYPD officers cut it down and open with knives.

But since Google only picks up certain keywords, the answer seems to be a misleading, tragic, event.


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Although the real Barney wasn't stabbed brutally by the NYPD, he did receive death threats and hate from people.

A new documentary on Peacock calledI Love You, You Hate Me, explores the backlash the iconic children's TV show character got and why it happened.

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