Grandmother gives an impassioned speech about knife crime epidemic to MPs on Question Time

Grandmother gives an impassioned speech about knife crime epidemic to MPs on Question Time

A furious grandmother has gave an impassioned speech during this Thursday's edition of Question Time, where she accused MPs of not doing enough to tackle the epidemic.

During the episode, which emanated from Tottenham in north London, an area that saw more than 1500 cases of violent crime in the first four months of 2019 alone, the grandmother of 14 stunned the panel and audience with her words on the issue which she says has 'spiralled out of control.'

This has been going on since 98, 99 and people were sat round tables talking about it then.

It’s now spiralled out of control and you’re still sitting down talking 

What is it going to take for the MPs to sit down and say something has got to be done?

Has it got to be your son or your daughter that’s got to be killed for you to deal with it?

I’ve got 14 grandchildren and I’m so scared, so scared. It’s not only London, it’s happening in Manchester, Birmingham up and down the UK.

The only place that has really taken it up and say they are going to do something is Scotland who got off their backsides and done something.

And you lot ain’t doing nothing. And this is what I’m working for, to pay my tax to see you lot every year get a £2,000 pay rise when people are out there suffering

Your own soldiers are sleeping on the street that went and served in the war. You lot don’t give a damn about nobody other than yourselves.

Her speech which stunned the audience and panel (which included MPs Margot James, Ed Davey, Laura Pidcock and Kwasi Kwarteng) and prompted applause has already been viewed more than 300,000 thousand times on Twitter and has been widely praised by many.

As of June 16, there have been 56 murders in London this year, which is a 38 per cent increase from 2014. In 2018, there were 40,829 knife or sharp instrument based crimes in England and Wales, a 6 per cent rise from 2017.

The most recent set of incidents became international news when president Donald Trump said that mayor Sadiq Kahn was destroying London in a series of widely criticised tweets.

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