An audience member on the BBC's The Big Questions has compared being gay to cannibalism when discussing whether Islam is more divided or united.

Muslim revert Kris X-Isa joined a debate on the television show about LGBT+ rights and the Muslim community after the discussion turned to a primary school in Birmingham, which was forced to temporarily cancel lessons about LGBT+ families after a group of Muslim parents protested that the lessons were not 'age appropriate' for their children.

At one point, the show's presenter Nicky Campbell approached X-Isa for his opinion, saying:

What's wrong with being gay?

In response, X-Isa said:

Being gay is a choice, and not being gay is also a choice.

Campbell then protested that being gay is not a choice, however, X-Isa responded:

To me, my opinion is this, this is my personal opinion... 

People say it's natural, according to who? Cannibalism is natural. 

In response to the comments, another shocked audience member said:

So did you choose to be black? Do you not see what you're saying?

Needless to say, his comments have been widely condemned on social media.

Many were shocked at the comparison of being LGBT+ and cannibalism.

Others pointed out that you don't 'choose' your sexuality.

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