The best iPhone photos of 2017 revealed

IPPA / Dina Alfasi / Szymon Felkel

The IPPA awards celebrate the best photography around the world shot on an iPhone or iPad.

The photos must also not be edited with any desktop software like Photoshop - which makes the winners’ stunning works seem even more impressive.

There were 18 categories, and awards for first, second and third place.

Here are some of the winning shots.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Szymon Felkel 

Edinburgh-based Szymon Felkel travels around for interesting photo opportunities. He won first place in the “Children” category for his photo, “Children’s curiosity".

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Juan Carlos Castañeda 

Juan Carlos Castañeda won first place with his piece, titled “The America I know”. Juan campaigns against injustices against humanity, and works as a writer, director and cinematographer.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Gabriel Ribeiro 

Gabriel Ribeiro won first place in the "Portraits" category for his photo, which was taken in Camp Grande.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Dina Alfasi

Dina Alfasi, a mum and architectural engineer from Israel, won first place in the “People” category. She takes photos on her two-hour commute to work via train and bus.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Samuel Nacar

Samuel Nacar won first place in the “News/events” category, for his photo titled, “The nomads of Europe”. It captured the beginning of the eviction that took place at “The jungle” migrant camp in northern France.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Jen Pollack Bianco

Jen Pollack Bianco is a photographer from Seattle. Her photo was taken in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, and shows red cabins that are used as traditional fishing cottages. It was taken just after sunrise, following a snowstorm.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Varvara Vislenko

Varvara Vislenko won second place for the photo she took of her three-year-old daughter making her “silly face”, taken on the island Bali-Changgu.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Joshua Sarinana

Joshua Sarinana won second place in the "Travel" category for his photo, taken in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Naian Feng won second place for his photo, shot during a trip to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

He said:

I was walking on this wide boulevard with two high red walls on both sides which really make me feel nervous and majestic. There were pigeons flying around the Forbidden City from time to time, this particular photo was one of the shots I took using the burst mode on my iPhone.

Picture:Picture: IPPA / Kaiyuan Teng

Kaiyuan Teng took this in Osaka, when he found “ a tree that looked just like a person wrapped in bandages”.

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