A picture can tell more than a thousand words.

This image, which was posted to Reddit apparently by the photographer, appears to perfectly capture the moment a college girl was catcalled during a photoshoot in Chico, California.

It comes from shoot by Warren Cain Pictures, and shared on the photographer’s Instagram.

He explains:

My friend was sexually harassed SEVEN different times. It ranged from aggressive hollering from cars, an inappropriate back rub with one hand sliding towards her butt before she pulled away (this man was walking WITH HIS FAMILY when he did that), guys telling her she has a great ass, etc.

He also describes the guy you can see in the photo:

This gentleman in the back walked past her, turned around, grabbed his genitals through his pants, and began rubbing them dramatically as I took this picture. He did that for a good 10 seconds. At 1 pm. In public.

Here’s a less creepy image from the shoot.

He hopes that by sharing the picture, he can help draw attention to the unwanted sexual advances women face all the time.

This is real, and it needs to stop.

Sadly, as is common when this subject comes up, the comments got nasty quick and the reddit post had to be locked.

Picture:Picture: Reddit

Guys, can we just not?

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