Cattle dig into gardens in Yorkshire town after escaping field and getting lost

Cows on driveway
Cows on driveway

A group of wandering bullocks were found grazing in people’s gardens after escaping a field in East Yorkshire.

The seven young “lawn bandits” were spotted on lawns and driveways in the town of Beverley on Saturday – with one even eyeing up a trampoline.

BBC journalist David Harrison photographed the livestock making their way around the town before they were rounded up and returned home.

Sharing the images on Twitter Mr Harrison said: “Cow chaos on Woodlands Road in Beverley this morning.

“At least 7 cows have managed to get themselves very lost & are now tearing apart lawns.”

He added: “They’ve run out of grass on Woodlands Road, so they’re now having a jaunt up to Atkinson Way. Fewer lawns, but the lamp posts seem popular for a good scratch.”

However, the group’s big day out came to an end after they were herded up by Zowie Bell, the neatherd who looks after the livestock at Beverley Westwood — that is, all except one.

Sharing a video of the lone member of the group walking across the green, Harrison said: “Ah, one stray cow hasn’t quite got the memo that they’re all off home.

“This is the cow equivalent of going to the bar and returning to the dance floor, with your mates no where to be seen.”

Following the incident, the chairman of the Beverley Pasture Masters, Allan English, said: “Until the bullocks settle down, they tend to ramble about — they are like little kids.”

He said there are about 300 livestock on the pasture which surrounds the town, and the younger ones are known for escaping once or twice a season, occasionally making their way into the town.

“The residents don’t mind as long as they don’t do any damage, and we soon get them back on the Westwood,” he added.

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