President Joe Biden turned the tables on a Fox News reporter when he was asked a question about his phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

On Biden’s way out after signing executive orders aimed at promoting racial equity, White House correspondent Peter Doocy called out: “Mr. President, what did you talk to Vladimir Putin about?”

In response, Biden quipped: “You."


He then added: "He sends his best.”

Other journalists in the audience laughed as Biden put on his face mask and left.

This followed Biden talking about Doocy, who covered the presidential campaign, the previous day during a briefing.

The president said: “I know he always asks me tough questions and he always has an edge to them but I like him anyway, so go ahead and ask the question.”

The joke was a throwback to last summer when Doocy asked Biden if he had picked a running mate, to which the now-president also responded: “Yeah I have… You.”

Social media users reacted to the president’s latest comeback.

Others shared clips of previous exchanges between the pair.

Some also criticised the president’s (lack of) response in the clip.

Fox News’ Doocy took up the role of White House correspondent earlier this month after covering Biden’s campaign and the Democratic primaries.

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