Biden's teenage granddaughter brilliantly trolls Trump on TikTok

Biden's teenage granddaughter brilliantly trolls Trump on TikTok

In case you somehow weren’t residing on Earth last week, Joe Biden was announced president-elect last week after a very long and arduous election process (that President Trump still won't concede to).

The former vice president’s win was welcome news to many people across America and around the world who couldn’t fathom another four years of a Trump administration.

But no one, understandably, seemed more happy for Biden than his granddaughter.

Maisy Biden, 18, shared a video on TikTok to celebrate her grandfather’s win... but also Trump’s loss.

Set to 'Na Na Hey Hey - Kiss Him Goodbye' by The Belmonts, Maisy posed in a shirt which had the face of Joe and the words "the Vice President" written underneath.

Maisy crossed out the word "Vice" with a thick pen leaving it to read: "the President." The simple caption reads: "hey hey hey goodbye trump"

Maisy was not the only member of the Biden family to celebrate the news on social media. Biden's eldest granddaughter Naomi Biden shared an intimate photo of the family on election day:

Biden’s younger family members are not the only ones active on social media. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris is very popular on both TikTok and Twitter.

Excited for her aunt, for the new presidency, as well as for the ousting of Trump, she wrote simply, “we did it”.

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