<p>Republicans failed to properly fact-check Biden’s climate policy.</p>
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A cyberattack that wreaked havoc at the world’s largest meat supplier likely came from a criminal organization in Russia, the White House said on Tuesday.

But that didn’t stop opportunist politicians from trying to blame the new president for something clearly out of his hands.

The US has contacted the Russian government over the ransomware attack and the FBI is investigating the matter, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press briefing.

But GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert tried to pile in, attempting to pin blame on the White House despite JBS being a private company - and people were quick to shoot down her attempt to do so, along with her bizarre reference to the November election and Republicans’ big lie.

“Is this yet another cyber attack with Biden “in charge?” she said on Twitter on Tuesday. “Maybe Dominion should branch out to make sure these companies are super secure.”

Some Twitter users criticized her for her comment with one Twitter user saying “At least you're admitting Dominion is and was secure. Baby steps to being a big smart grown-up!”

Dominion is the election management system company that some people baselessly blamed for Donald Trump’s defeat.

Others responded saying:

JBS USA said on Monday that it became aware of the cyberattack on Sunday and determined that it was a target of organized cybercrime.

“The company’s backup servers were not affected, and it is actively working with an Incident Response firm to restore its systems as soon as possible,” the meat supplier said in a statement.

“The company is not aware of any evidence at this time that any customer, supplier or employee data has been compromised or misused as a result of the situation,” the company added.

The cyberattack reportedly caused the company’s operations in Australia to shut down on Monday and halted livestock slaughter at several US facilities, Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, meat prices are expected to increase if the disruption continues and meat exports could also be impacted amid strong demand from China.

Analysts noted that the impact of the JBS disruption already began to surface across the US.

Meatpackers slaughtered 94,000 cattle on Tuesday, a 22% decrease from a week earlier, according to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture.

JBS has 84 facilities in the US and owns facilities in 20 countries.

The US has been seeing a string of cyberattacks over the past period including a recent one that targeted the Colonial Pipeline.

The cyberattack that happened in May temporarily impacted fuel transfer in Southeastern US and caused gas shortages in some cities.

Some cybersecurity experts reportedly think that there is no chance of staying safe from these ransomware attacks.

“Nothing is safe. Not the meatpacking industry, not the chemical industry, not the wastewater treatment industry, not Sony. Nothing,” former senior Department of Homeland Security official Paul Rosenzweig told USA Today on Monday.

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