Boris Johnson's 'Titanic success of Brexit' quote projected onto Titanic museum in Belfast

Boris Johnson's 'Titanic success of Brexit' quote projected onto Titanic museum in Belfast

There is an award for the 'worst week a prime minister' has ever experienced but if there was we're pretty sure Boris Johnson would win it hands down.

The PM has suffered a multitude of embarrassments both in and outside of parliament as seemingly everyone had it in for him, including his own brother who dramatically quit the government on Thursday.

Things came to a head for Johnson when he was confronted by disgruntled members of the public during a visit to Morley in Yorkshire. Surely, it couldn't get any worse for him?

Well, it possibly did thanks to anti-Brexit activists Led By Donkeys who used a now-notorious Johnson quote as part of their latest stunt.

The group used Johnson's quote from November 2016, where the Tory MP claimed that Britain was going to make a 'Titanic success of Brexit.'

Johnson said this at the 2016 Spectator magazine awards ceremony, where he received the 'political comeback of the year' gong,

Upon accepting it he said:

In the words of our great prime minister... I understood that Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a Titanic success of it.

This quote has followed Johnson around like a bad smell and was even the subject of a hilarious Comedy Central video named Brexit: A Titanic Disaster.

This mash-up has partially inspired the new Led By Donkeys projection which also includes news reports from the past few days including his defeats in parliament, Jo Johnson leaving the government and his poor handling of a police cadet fainting behind him during a speech.

To make it all the more perfect, the group decided to project it onto the side of the Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was definitely the most fitting location for such an exhibition.

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