Man becomes viral sensation after telling Boris Johnson to 'please leave my town'

Man becomes viral sensation after telling Boris Johnson to 'please leave my town'

After the week that he's had, Boris Johnson is probably regretting the day that he ever considered running for prime minister.

Not only did he suffer three humiliating defeats in the Commons, but he also lost his working majority in parliament.

Oh, and his own brother decided that he didn't want to work with him anymore.

Johnson was probably hoping for a bit of peace and quiet and no hassle when he made a trip to the town of Morley in Yorkshire where he spoke to the press while being flanked by police cadets, one of whom fainted.

The writing was already on the wall for Johnson's trip up north after being greeted by a local man who wasn't too keen to see the prime minister in his home town.

In a short clip from a BBC News report, the older gentleman shakes hands with Boris and politely tells him:

Please leave my town.

Johnson, who in all fairness didn't seem startled by the greeting replied by saying; "I will, very soon."

The moment was captured on Twitter and shared by user Alex Andreou and it promptly went viral with the hashtag #PleaseLeaveMyTown briefly becoming the number one trend on British Twitter.

Whilst everyone was rightly congratulating this man on his wonderful takedown of the prime minister, he wasn't the only angry person that he met during his trip to Morley.

Another clip emerged from the same BBC report where an Irish man accosted Johnson to ask him what he was doing in Morley rather than trying to negotiate a Brexit deal in Brussels.

Needless, to say Boris Johnson will not be wanting to remember this week any time soon.

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