Angry voter confronts Boris Johnson over Conservative austerity and Brexit

Boris Johnson has been taken to task over the Conservative government’s austerity policies by an angry voter in Doncaster.

The prime minister was visiting South Yorkshire today after northern politicians made a joint call for more help in their region from the government.

If Johnson was expecting a warm welcome in the Leave-supporting city, he was unfortunately mistaken…

When the PM went for a walkabout, he was soon confronted by a woman who questioned his party’s treatment of northern cities.

She said:

People have died because of austerity and then you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity’s over and it’s all good now, we’re going to leave the EU and everything’s going to be great.

It’s just a fairytale.

It was another classic entry in the genre of “Boris Johnson struggling with normal people”.

Johnson would actually be better off staying in London, judging by his record so far in northern towns.

Later in the day, the Conservative leader was heckled by an audience member in Rotherham over his decision to suspend parliament for five weeks.

The man shouted:

Why are you not with them [MPs] in parliament, sorting out the mess that you have created?

And in Wakefield last week, the prime minister was brutally mocked when a man politely asked him to “please leave my town”.

­Johnson’s magnetic charm with voters is still yet to materialise, despite what the Conservatives claimed during the leadership campaign this summer.

We’ll update you when anyone witnesses it in public…

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