Boris Johnson's has been criticised after he spoke to primary school children and told them 'don't get drunk' when they attend university.

While parliament is prorogued, a move that has now been deemed unlawful by a Scottish court, Johnson is putting in a bit of PR for his 'adoring public'.

In a clip filmed by BBC News, Johnson gave advice to the youngsters at a school in Pimlico, London, who he encouraged to not waste time at university and not repeat his mistakes.

I'm afraid I didn't do enough work at university. Don't get drunk, don't do...

Not that you would but use it well. 

Although it was only a small quote and probably wasn't said in any seriousness, Johnson has been 'branded' inappropriate by Twitters users who felt that he shouldn't even be talking about alchohol around children of such a young age.

Indy100 has contacted the prime minister for comment.

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