Boris Johnson leaves people baffled with bizarre remarks about ‘tree-hugging, tofu-munchers’
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Boris Johnson has raised eyebrows with bizarre remarks surrounding climate change.

The prime minister insisted the crisis was not just a concern of “tree-hugging, tofu-munchers” but a threat to security of all nations.

Addressing the UN Security Council, he urged leaders to take action with an unorthodox plea while highlighting the UK’s commitment to reduce emissions.

He said: “Itis absolutely clear that climate change is a threat to our collective security and the security of our nations.

I know there are people around the world who will say this is all kind of ‘green stuff’ from a bunch of tree-hugging tofu munchers and not suited to international diplomacy and international politics.

“I couldn’t disagree more profoundly.”

Johnson’s choice of words left many baffled, as they attempted to piece together his thought process behind the leading comments.

The prime minister’s speech was followed by a pre-recorded message from Sir David Attenborough who proved slightly more articulate with his words.

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