Boris Johnson mocked after losing six Commons votes in just six days

Boris Johnson mocked after losing six Commons votes in just six days

Boris Johnson's rocky tenure as prime minister reached a new low on Monday evening when he suffered two more defeats in the Commons bringing his total of losses to six in just six days.

This came after MPs voted against calling a snap election and also voted to force the government to publish Number 10's secret preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

This now means that Johnson is the first prime minister in history to lose their first six votes in the Commons, a record that is likely to stand for a considerable amount of time.

Johnson will be happy that parliament has actually been prorogued now as he won't have to face any more losses until at least October.

However, this embarrassing set of losses didn't escape to good people of Twitter who were more than happy to revel in the prime minister's misfortune.

Even William Hague thought it was shameful.

Theresa May wasn't even this bad.

In other bizarre scenes, John Bercow, who announced that he would be retiring from the role on October 31 was almost wrestled to his chair in the Commons in a vague attempt to stop parliament from being suspended.

We'll say it before and we'll say it again. What a time to be alive.

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