Leo Varadkar delivered a devastating speech about Brexit while standing next to Boris Johnson

Leo Varadkar delivered a devastating speech about Brexit while standing next to Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is in Dublin today for his first official meeting with the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, yet their first joint press conference proved to be an embarrassing affair for the prime minister.

During a frost press conference, Varadkar laid down the law on Brexit and how he sees it playing out for the UK and let's just say that the Taoiseach isn't too impressed with how things have gone to date.

Standing next to Johnson, Varadkar said:

The story of Brexit won't end if the UK leaves the EU on October 31 or January 31. There is no such thing as a clean break or just getting it done. Rather, we'll just move on to a new phase. 

If there is no-deal it will cause severe disruption for Irish and British people alike but no so much on the continent.

Whatever happens, we'll just have to get back to the negotiating table quickly and when we do the first things on the agenda will be citizen's rights, the financial settlement and the Irish backstop, all issues that we had resolved in the withdrawal agreement with your predecessor, an agreement made in good faith by 28 governments.

If there is a deal and I believe that is possible we'll enter talks of a future trade relationship between the EU and the UK. It's going to be very tough. We'll have to deal with issues like tariffs, fishing rights, product standards and state aide and it will have to be approved by 31 parliaments. 

Prime minister agreeing FTA's with the EU and US and securing their ratification in three years is going to a Herculean task for you but we do want to be your friend and your ally, your Athena in doing so and I think the manner in which you leave the European Union will determine that.

During the relatively short takedown of a no-deal Brexit, Johnson seemed nervous and almost bashful to be standing next to a fellow politician who had a completely different take on Brexit to what he did.

A clip from the speech has since been shared on Twitter and people can't help but enjoy the awkwardness of the entire thing.

Boris Johnson appeared so rattled about Vardkar's speech that he accidentally said that Brexit could take '30 years' rather than 30 days.

What a great start to the week for the PM. Surely, he will be hoping that it would be better than his last.

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