Boris Johnson is 'raring to go' to work tomorrow, but the public isn't exactly welcoming him back

Boris Johnson is apparently "raring to go" and will be back at work tomorrow – three weeks after he was hospitalised due to serious complications from Covid-19.

He made the announcement last night, while quoting Cicero (as you do), saying “the health of the people should be the supreme law”.​

His return seems to be pretty swifts given the severity of his symptoms, and will mark the end of Dominic Raab's interim leadership which has been heavily criticised, especially after his performance at Prime Minister's Questions last week.

But the news that the prime minister, whose response to the coronavirus outbreak has been questionable, will be returning to work has not been met with the most positive of responses.

Many questioned how it was possible that he made such a swift recovery.

Others suggested that the focus on the prime minister's health has detracted from the real issues.

There were many jokes about everything from Cicero, to Johnson's work schedule.

But mainly, no one thought it would really change anything.

It seems that the public isn't exactly looking forward to welcoming the prime minister back with opens arms.

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