Boris Johnson is reportedly going to “bring some more order” and “take more direct control” when it comes to handling the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Telegraph, a senior Tory MP claimed:

Boris has decided that Cummings is there, but he is going to take more direct control. It is coming out of frustration – you are seeing his reawakening after a tough old time with the Covid-19 attack.

He showed he had backbone [in backing Mr Cummings]. Cummings is not in a brilliant place – and he must know it. Boris knowing that makes him more determined to do it himself.

This shake up at Downing Street is reportedly likely to weaken the influence of chief adviser Dominic Cummings, after he was at the centre of a national controversy over whether he broke lockdown rules by taking a 260-mile round trip to County Durham.

There will be two new strategy committees – “CS” and “CO” – chaired by Johnson and Michael Gove respectively. They'll focus on the government's strategy and operational response to the global pandemic.

But many people are asking, why the shake up now? Months after the pandemic started...

Lots of people wanted to know exactly who was in charge before:

And many were just plain angry, scared or defeated by the whole situation:

Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his new role!

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