Operation Red Meat: Everything Boris Johnson reportedly has planned to distract voters from Partygate

Operation Red Meat: Everything Boris Johnson reportedly has planned to distract voters from Partygate

Boris Johnson reportedly has a cunning plan in an attempt to publicly recover from ‘partygate’.

Following Wednesday’s humiliating apology for the Downing Street parties, the mass clearout is said to try and stop Tories from demanding his resignation.

A senior government source told The Times: “He made it clear he thought they had let him down. Boris’s view is that he is not to blame. That everyone else is to blame.”

He allegedly complained to aides: “How has all this been allowed to happen? How has it come to this? How haven’t you sorted this out?”

Initially, there was Operation Save Big Dog, a bid to blame his staff for his actions. But now, it has evolved into a movement dubbed Operation Red Meat.

According to The Times, Johnson is said to be preparing announcements to end remaining Covid restrictions on January 26th, work on the NHS’s backlog and provide funding for “skills and job” training.

Indy100 emphasises none of the following has been confirmed by No 10, and some are speculative.

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They will no longer booze at the No 10 workplace

In a rule that should probably already exist, there will be an alleged “booze ban” to put a stop to drinking culture at Downing Street.

According to The Sun on Sunday, staff will be ordered to drink away from the premises and outside working hours.

The BBC licence fee to be frozen for two years to help the cost of living

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries revealed that the current licence fee settlement to December 2027 “will be the last.”

Shadow Culture Secretary Lucy Powell said: “The prime minister and the culture secretary seem hell-bent on attacking this great British institution because they don’t like its journalism.”

Hand to the military control of the battle to stop illegal immigrants in the Channel

There have been concerns about the thousands of people who dangerously cross the English Channel to Britain.

Reports suggest that the Royal Navy will be handling operations of Channel boats.

Publish Michael Gove’s levelling-up white paper

According to the news outlet, Michael Gove’s levelling-up white paper will be published. Tories pledged a white paper by Christmas 2021 but pushed it back to the beginning of this month.

It aims to improve lives in neglected towns in the north.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said Mr Gove cannot have any more money for the plan, so he is trying to re-announce other departments’ schemes to bulk it up.

Indy100 has reached out to Downing Street for comment.

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