A Scottish newspaper has brilliantly roasted Boris Johnson by turning his infamous Brexit slogan on its head and using it to call for his resignation.

The Sunday National today leads with polling data showing the majority of Scots think Johnson should go and that they think he lied about Downing Street parties held during lockdown.

The story is presented with the headline “Get exit done”, of course referencing Johnson’s slogan that he and the Conservative party used while campaigning in the 2019 general election: “Get Brexit done.”

It comes as Johnson faces increased pressure to resign over allegations of multiple lockdown breaching parties in Downing Street.

In a long-lasting scandal that has now been dubbed Partygate, we’ve heard of garden parties, alleged Christmas parties, suitcases of wine, and even an incident involving Wilf Johnson’s swing,

Johnson and the Conservative party have tumbled in the polls, with even some of his own MPs calling on the PM to resign.

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Now, the Scottish paper has joined in with the roasting, and reacting to the headline, people thought it was pretty clever:

Who knew Johnson’s slogans would end up coming back to haunt him?

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