This message from Boris Johnson is being shared again because its aged so unbelievably badly
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Boris Johnson isn't exactly famous for his honesty.

The prime minister's fluid relationship with the truth was a point of much contention at the last general election.

But it turns out that his biggest lie of all was actually completely unintentional.

Because as his government have repeatedly reminded us, we're living through unprecedented times...

On 2 January 2020, Johnson announced that "this is going be a fantastic year for Britain".

Reader, it wasn't.

Johnson's now-highly ironic tweet resurfaced in light of the news that the UK is officially in the worst economic recession on record.

Not exactly cause for a double thumbs up.

This isn't the first time Johnson's tweet has been dug up and reassessed.

Some of the replies to the tweet from the most intense period of coronavirus lockdown serve as a reminder that 2020 is truly the year from hell.

Obviously, the entire world is having a pretty rough year. The UK isn't alone in feeling the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

But our government's track record at responding appears to be particularly bad.

The UK has the highest death rate of any country in Europe and is second only to the US in the world. It is also facing the worst recession of any G7 country.

All of this only serves to make Johnson's tweet all the more ironic. I think we can all safely agree that, as a collective, we are not having a fantastic year.

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