Boris Johnson mocked for driving a JCB through a fake wall in latest election stunt

With just two days to go until the general election, Boris Johnson is ramping up his campaign to get the Tories monotonous message of 'Get Brexit Done' ringing from every street in the nation.

'How is he doing this?' you might ask.

Going door to door and canvassing everybody possible? Making passionate speeches that will rouse the nation in a 'Churchillian fashion?'

Sadly it's none of those.

Instead, he's been fulfilling his (presumed) childhood dreams of driving around in a JCB and smashing through walls of polystyrene with the world 'gridlock' written on it.

This occurred during the prime minister's visit to a JCB factory in Staffordshire and to say that the stunt was a little 'on the nose' would be an understatement.

As you can imagine, the Tories' latest bizarre campaign tool hasn't exactly thrilled everyone, with some pointing out that the so-called 'gridlock' has been completely manufactured by Johnson.

Also, polystyrene isn't exactly the most environmentally friendly material to be used for such a moment.

There was the inevitable reference to Bob the Builder.

Others just found the prime minister driving around in a digger and breaking down fake walls to be a little too embarrassing.

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