Lorraine Kelly had a priceless reaction to Boris Johnson not knowing who she was

Lorraine Kelly had a priceless reaction to Boris Johnson not knowing who she was
Lorraine says the reaction to the PM not knowing who she is ...

Boris Johnson's return to Good Morning Britain after a five-year hiatus had some low moments.

He boasted about introducing free bus passes while London mayor in response to being told about a pensioner who rides the buses all day to keep warm, he claimed he was an honest person, and he refused to comment further on the Partygate scandal.

But perhaps the lowest moment of all was when we learnt that prime minister doesn't seem to know who Lorraine Kelly is.

At the end of the wide-ranging interview, Reid cut Johnson off as he was chuntering on about crime and said: "Lorraine is waiting to take up all the issues you have brought up on this interview."

"Who is Lorraine?" Johnson muttered, and Reid said: "Who is Lorraine? Lorraine is a legend!"

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It was an amusing end to the interview and Kelly didn't seem too offended as she simply said: "Wow! Thank you, Susanna... a masterclass in a political interview."

But then she was a little more savage and referenced Johnson infamously hiding in a fridge to avoid being interviewed by the show in the run-up to the 2019 general election:

Then she responded to the snub directly with good grace: "Why should he know who I am? I mean he's busy in the morning he wouldn't be watching us although he would learn a lot as you know," she said laughing.

"That was just so so funny," she added. "It made my morning.

"He hasn't lost votes because he doesn't know who I am."

We'll see about that!

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