Boris Johnson has caused outrage by refusing to look at a photo of a sick 4-year-old boy sitting on a hospital corridor floor.

Even more shockingly, Johnson actually took ITV reporter Joe Pike’s phone off him to avoid looking at the photo.

The prime minister was confronted with the image of Jack Williment-Barr lying on a pile of coats while awaiting treatment for suspected pneumonia at Leeds General Infirmary.

Sarah Williment covered her son with coats to keep him warm as he waited for a bed on Tuesday, eventually waiting for five hours on a ward trolley before a bed was found at 3am.

After being reported by the Yorkshire Post, the image went viral on social media and prompted discussion about funding for the NHS.

Jeremy Corbyn said the clip showed Johnson "just doesn't care" about the sick child, while Angela Rayner branded him "an utter disgrace".

The NHS is an extremely emotive subject for British people, most of whom have a loved one who has depended on it for treatment. During this election campaign, the NHS has been a key topic of discussion, with Labour accusing the Tories of opening the NHS up to privatisation post-Brexit and the Conservatives denying it.

During the clip, Johnson repeatedly tries to steer the topic from the NHS towards Brexit. But when repeatedly asked to look at the photo, he eventually takes the reporter’s phone.

People are furious with Johnson’s response. Many have branded the prime minister “heartless” and “disgusting”.

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