This man went off on a xenophobic rant at a Boris Johnson protest and it's beyond shocking

This man went off on a xenophobic rant at a Boris Johnson protest and it's beyond shocking
Jason Parkinson/Twitter

A video has surfaced of a white British man in what appears to be military attire, going on a xenophobic rant at a Not My Prime Minister protest last night.

The recording, captured by journalist Jason Parkinson starts with him saying:

You come and take the piss out of my country. All of you do. It's not your country.

He goes on to claim that he is "really British" because he can track his British ancestry back "three or four generations"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he also seems to take aim at refugees, saying:

You've come in here because of a war situation [...] they say 'we're under war' and we need to be protected. My dad was put on a train and sent to the countryside in this country. My granddad went to war. But you lot in your own country, when there's a war, you 'plead poverty' and come here [saying] 'you need to help us!' We don't f***ing need to help no one!

It's truly hard to know where to begin with this. To state the obvious, being evacuated to the countryside is not the same as living in a war-torn country, and the process of claiming asylum in the UK can be traumatic, long-winded and complex.

Not that it really matters, but for what it's worth, the average UK resident is 36.94 per cent British, 21.59 per cent Irish and 19.91 per cent Western European, according to DNA company Ancestry.

Lots of people pointed out the irony of the man's problematic views.

Even Leave-voting Boris Johnson enablers were outraged.

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