Pro-Brexit activists outside parliament are claiming God and the Bible are against the EU. Yes, really

The complete omnishambles of Brexit and the state of delirium that it has left the UK in is causing some people to go a little stir crazy.

No matter what side of the argument you reside on, there is no denying that things have all gone a bit mad and it's becoming a little hard to muster the strength to go on with it all.

Yet, we think one thing that we can all agree on is that this has absolutely nothing to do with religion, God or some sort of higher power.

Unfortunately, a group of pro-Brexit activists are attempting to convince people that Gob and the Bible are firmly against the European Union.

In a video recorded by the anti-Brexit activist, Femi, a group of individuals are shown outside the Houses of Parliament sporting signs that quote the Bible and equate it to Brexit.

In another clip, a preacher is seen giving a speech explaining who should honour its 'Christian constitution' and that we have broken 'God's commandments'.

This bizarre, surreal and slightly worrying example of the lengths that Brexiteers are willing to go to in order to endorse leaving the EU.

As Femi points out, it is wrong to 'manipulate the faith of the elderly (and others) in order to achieve political ends that are against the interests of the entire country'.

People have since been responding to Femi's clip and are just as aghast as he was.

Not only is the EU not mentioned in the Bible, it actually teaches us to be open and accepting of our neighbours.

At least someone managed to make a very accurate joke out of it.

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