Britons have their say on the best and worst parts of 2016

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Dame Maggie Smith and Adele were some of our favourites, while Theresa May was deemed less influential than "no-one".

End of year polling by YouGov has revealed some of Britons' favourite moments and people from the year.

The full results can be read here, but here are indy100's top picks from the poll.


Two separate polls found that Planet Earth II was the most popular TV programme, and its host Sir David Attenborough was chosen as best television personality.


Adele topped the list, higher than the deceased David Bowie.

Bowie released Black Star in January 2016.

While in March, Adele had officially sold 10 million albums in the UK.

In the world of film and television, Dame Maggie Smith and Tom Hanks were the nation's favourite actors.


The Olympics was the best sporting event of 2016, and topped the poll as the BEST event.

Probably because we won loads.

27 gold, 23 silver, and 17 bronze medals.

Then Brexit came second in this particular race, and third was "something personal".

Brexit and the Referendum

Brexit was both the second best thing to happen (above), and the worst "event" of 2016 - proving once and for all that democracy is a joke.

23 per cent or respondents named Brexit, when asked to name the worst event of 2016. Oddly enough, 4 per cent of these people voted Leave.

For contrast, the second best "event" of 2016 was also Brexit, on 18 per cent. In this case, 2 per cent of Remain voters opted for Brexit being their best event of the year.

One again, the referendum reveals a country attempting to travel in two directions at once.

Bucking the idea of a narrow minded Leave voter, the poll found that more Brexiters than Remainers considered the bombing of Aleppo and the war in Syria to be the worst events of 2016.


As you might imagine, president-elect Donald Trump topped the list of person with the biggest impact on the world.

His impact was YUGE.

Look at this impact, is it a small impact?

Nigel Farage was the Briton with the biggest impact on the year, with twice the score of former prime minister David Cameron.

Cameron's resignation day was the "best event" of 2016 for 1 per cent of the people, as was Leicester City's win and Wimbledon.

Britain's current prime minister Theresa May and the foreign secretary Boris John scored 1, which was less than the illustrious candidate "No one".

Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as leader of the Labour Party was the worst event for 1 per cent of the people, and of those the party most irked was Ukip.

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