Boris Johnson quote about parliament raises alarm bells

Boris Johnson quote about parliament raises alarm bells

As Boris Johnson gears up for a possible Christmas general election, people are becoming ever more critical of the PM after he said “parliament has outlived its usefulness.”

In a letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Johnson admitted that Brexit would not be delivered by Halloween, writing:

This parliament has, with your encouragement, voted repeatedly for delay. The vote on Tuesday was parliament’s last chance to get Brexit done before 31 October and it voted, again, for delay.

Corbyn went on to say he would be open to a general election provided that a no-deal Brexit is taken off the table.

Johnson spoke to BBC about his intention to push for another general election regardless of opposition, the FTreported. He said:

We would campaign day after day for the people of this country to be released from the subjection of a parliament that has outlived its usefulness.

Johnson’s comment that parliament – which is the backbone of a democratic society – is useless has prompted accusations of totalitarianism.

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