Business owner fights back tears whilst talking about the damage that Brexit could do to her company

Business owner fights back tears whilst talking about the damage that Brexit could do to her company

With just 20 days to go until Brexit (yeah! 20!) and still no deal in sight or any idea as to what on Earth is going on, British people are starting to get worried.

Whether it's an 87-year-old woman who has lived most of her life in Britain wondering why she has to fill out a form to remain here, or the MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed worrying about riots in her constituency, there really is no way of knowing how it will turn out.

At the heart of the matter, there is a lot at risk. Not just our relationship with the EU, but also people's livelihoods.

This overwhelming uncertainty and what it means has perhaps not been personified more profoundly and honestly than by Sue Wynn-Jones, a horticulturist who runs Crug Farm Plants in North Wales, which has seen a heavy influx of orders from Europe as international customers hope to beat the March 29 deadline.

66 per cent of our business is in Europe and we supply a lot of big botanic gardens, research and private customers as well, but since December it's probably up to 95 per cent because people are panicking. They want their plants before March 29.

As she begins to tell the reporter what impact the uncertainty is having on her business she has to pause and briefly move away from the camera as she fights back tears.

Once she regains her composure she says:

I'm hoping we can ride the storm but it could close us. I don't know.

Hopefully, we'll pick up extra business in this country. We do have a big following in this country as well. 

But it's the unknown and it's the unknown for my staff too. They are just such worrying times.

The clip, which was aired at lunchtime on Saturday by the BBC, has since been shared on Twitter, and at the time of writing has received more than 54,000 views.

Needless to say, many people feel as emotionally drained, angry and upset about the entire Brexit situation as the woman in the clip does.

Deborah Meaden, one of the most successful business owners in the UK also shared the video.

Wynn-Jones has since thanked Twitter users for the kind messages of support that she has received since the clip was aired.

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