This 87-year-old grandma talking about how Brexit is affecting her puts the whole shambles into perspective

A video of a Danish grandma who is heartbroken over having to register for British nationality post-Brexit is putting the whole debate into more of a human perspective.

Tove MacDonald, who lives in Glasgow, moved to Scotland almost 60 years ago after meeting and marrying a policeman from Lewis in Copenhagen.

She grew up in occupied Denmark and she recalls how she always looked up to Britain. However, since Brexit, her feelings have been replaced by a feeling of disappointment.

Speaking in the video, she says:

It makes me very sad because this has been my home for all these years and I feel more Scottish than Danish.

She then adds:

I always thought Britain was fantastic. I'm afraid it's not quite the same anymore, because of Brexit. 

They want to leave behind everything that's been built up between us.

When the clip was shared online, people expressed their fury at the elderly lady's treatment.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, said it made her feel 'sad and angry in equal measure'.

Labour MP David Lammy said he felt 'ashamed' by Tove's treatment.

Others thought it was 'sheer madness'.

If this doesn't bring home the human cost of the reality of the Brexit shambles, nothing will.

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